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Cómo montar un dashboard en Data Studio para monitorizar sucesivos rastreos a un sitio con @screamingfrog, cómo subir de manera automática los exports de SF a Google Drive y otras perlas... cc @segade_pablo #SEO
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Hey #SEO friends. I need some help! I want to build out a grading system, of sorts, for SEO. Here is a spreadsheet where I…
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Good tactical overview/case study on Topic Clusters for SEO How to Create Topic Clusters (and how we grew the weekly or…
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"[Google to k]ill off URLs as we know them." . Sit the heck down. The only thing that's proposed is to not show the URLs in…
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Rendering on the Web – The SEO Version
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If you can't get enough log files, someone posted a cool hack that uses CloudFlare to collect Googlebot requests. https
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Terrific deck on what you need to know about Dynamic Rendering for SEO. Includes more than 1 great case study
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Google reveals 45% traffic decline to news sites w/ snippet-less Search results due to EU’s Article 11 - 9to5Google https…
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[email protected] index coverage report has expanded to include - Duplicate non-HTML page - Blocked by page removal tool - Blo…
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Internal Linking for SEO in 2019 - A complete strategy guide | iQ SEO
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Wow, Laws of UX may be one of my favorite new sites! If you care about SEO this should interest you. It clearly covers 19 pr…
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Seopatía #35: El monopolio de Google, las PWA en la Play Store y el estado del periodismo en internet
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