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URL inspection tool is now available for everyone! You can start inspecting your URLs by visiting the new Search Console -
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Are you using the Search Console Search Analytics API ️? We recently increased the max results/request to 25k and put together a guide for getting all your site's data. Check it out & play with some code!
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Here's a tip in case you don't have a VPN to check international SERPs
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Amazon, Netflix and Microsoft together this year are responsible for 71% of S&P 500 returns and for 78% of Nasdaq 100 retu…
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Epic, beautiful deck on Advanced Technical SEO (that makes 100% sense even if you weren't there)
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37.6% of Chrome users do not continue through SSL warning. Results from Google study on browser warnings
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One thing that I keep seeing in the HTTP vs HTTPS debate is the argument that 'my content is public, I don't need to prote…
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Genial la nueva herramienta gratuita que se ha sacado de la manga @randfish -> My SparkScore is 17 and I have an engagement score of 83. Lean more about the new tool from @sparktoro and get your SparkScore at
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Procrastinar El Mayor ️ Enemigo del Emprendedor
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With Google's Mobile First Index, if you have a dynamic serving or independent mobile site you should verify if your navigation…
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Estreno actualización del ebook #SEO para #ecommerce https
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La actualización de Google que tiene en cuenta la velocidad web en móviles, ya está en marcha:
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