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Y'all. @itshogg's chrome extension to compare the DIFF of HTML vs DOM is invaluable if you're doing SEO for JS frameworks. h…
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Seopatía #30: El SEO de Mercadona, la importancia de la investigación en SEO y las domain properties en Google Search Console
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Mi presentación sobre SEO y CRO para Ecommerce de @EnsaladaSeo
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La canibalización de palabras clave puede perjudicar tu SEO. https
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Google has launched a new tool that measures many aspects of a website, including how well it follows #SEO best practices vi…
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Google Caches JavaScript & CSS Files For A Long Time & Why That Matters
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File this tip under "time-saving." Shift + f creates a new folder in @googledrive in seconds.
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Want ️ AMP with better URLs? Try using Web Packaging to improve AMP URLs in Google Search with a new developer preview
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How to use Chrome User Experience Report to improve your site’s performance by @ab80
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Aquí os dejo la ponencia que dí en el @EnsaladaSeo #ensaladaseo de 2018 sobre "Framework SEO para migraciones web exitosa…
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En @bigmomocom buscamos incorporar un SEO a nuestro equipo remoto
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