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Do you have questions & answers on your website? By implementing the Q&A page structured data, your site can be eligible for a new presentation in Google Search, to help users find answers, and your content, faster. For more, check out our blog post:
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We just updated our Google Images best practices guide -- check it out for additional information on sitemaps, supported for…
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Google lanza una beta de plugin para #WordPress Search console + Analytics + Adsense + Page speed desde el propio CM…
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There's a new Google rich result in town, "Q&A Page", powered by, Question and Answer. Specifications
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Neat SEO extension for Chrome called SEOmonion > Allows to check onpage optimization, broken links, SERP previews and has Inter…
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Mega Guía Cómo Tratar con Clientes en Internet #SEORosa
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¡Tu haces clic, nosotros donamos! Comienza nuestra campaña de Navidad y por cada clic que recibamos donaremos 1 euro a una…
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Loved this post from @martinibuster on Google's Site Quality Algorithm Patent (2012-2015) Contains the clearest explina…
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Si usas WPML para tu web multilenguaje NO ACTUALICES mañana a WordPress 5.0
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[Nuevo Post]: Caso de éxito en redacción SEO - de 0 a 5.000€ al mes escribiendo textos para terceros
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Google adds a new help page, "Enable Search result features for your site", which
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For years, @joncooperseo's Complete Link Building Strategies was the go-to list everyone shared. Now, @Backlinko has ta…
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